Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In the beginning...


Many have encouraged that I jump into the blogging world not for educational use( see class blogs and personal blogs for that), but instead for others to keep track of our family. Since our dear friends the Holmans are moving to bigger places, I thought I would give family blogging a shot this summer. I am sure to wrangle in Jeff, Jackson, and Emma to post, but maybe Will might want to participate as well with a little help from me.

We can all hardly wait for summer to roll in. At school, we are finishing up at the end of this week with finals and teachers return on Monday to check out. Right now, Jeff is training to help his cousin Bryan run an ultra-marathon in Wyoming in June. He is also going to be the assistant cross country coach so that will entail a lot of running and training time this summer. Jackson is going to be an active kid this summer with track, a nature camp and a science camp- he is going to run with the AHS kids this summer too. Watch out high schoolers, this kid will show you up. Emma starts competitive swimming this coming Monday with meets every Saturday through June and July. Will will be swimming and playing tennis. For me, I am training to run a half marathon in June in Steamboat with one of my best buddies Anne Thurmond (a.k.a. AT). Then, I will also be pacing Bryan at his race in Wyoming.

We are planning a couple of trips. One, we are going on vacation with the Thurmond clan this summer to Anne's family cabin in Nebraska. In July, Jeff and I are taking the boys camping for a few days. Finally, at the end of summer, we are heading home to relax at my parent's home in Minnesota. I can hardly wait!

Here's one last picture of our last family dinner with all our best friends. We are sad the Holmans are moving, but know this is the right decision for their family. We will miss you James, Lisa and the DR (Danielle Roze). Lisa- realize this blog is for you :)

From left to right:
AT, Jon, Adam, Jeff, Emma, Will, me, Jackson, Jason, KK-holding baby Sam, James, Danielle, and Lisa


  1. Hooray for blogs! Family blogs are somewhat addicting...I'll have to add this to the long list of blogs I stalk :) Great picture of your crew. Thanks for the cd btw, bring on summer!

  2. Thanks for starting this blog! We're looking forward to keeping up with all of the goings on in the Smith-Krause household.

  3. I too am a huge fan of blog stalking...and even though I see you all quite frequently, I am glad that I can add you to my list!