Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Recent Happenings

Last night we had an English office party. Jared Robinson and his wife and kids are going to Utah. Also Mr.Sale is retiring.Every one had a good time and we kids played hide and seek.Tonight we are going to a Rockies game to celebrate our Nana's birthday.I hope it doesn't rain on us and I hope I catch a fly ball.We are seated near Home plate where the balls usually go if there is a pop fly.We are playing against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

[bottom row: Tom Siekmeier, Jared Robinson, Maura Moritz; second row: Greg Trotter, Lauren Lee; third row, Anne, Marlys Ferrill, fourth row: Terry Sale, dad, Cheryl Makovsky, Jessie Comp; top row: Lary Kleeman and Rob Hansen; random kid on side: Kimball Robinson]

By Jackson

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