Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Competitions are under way

Jackson's results are in for the Hershey State meet. He competed in the 200, 400, and softball throw and qualified in all of them! After competing for qualifying spots on Friday, Jackson ran in a track meet on Saturday. He placed fourth in the 110 hurdles, 100 yard dash, 400 and softball throw. He felt like he did really well. He is really enjoying the hurdles- check out the video to see some of his practice runs.


Emma had an amazing swim meet on Saturday. She swam the 25 free, 50 free, 25 back and 25 medley relay. She cut 6 seconds off her 25 free time and 4 seconds off her previous best 50 yard free time. We have never seen her swim so fast.

She is improving so much and we are excited to see what happens this week- maybe under 1 minute for her 50 free?

(For those of you who pay attention to the swim caps, you'll notice Emma is wearing one swim cap for her 25 back, and switched caps for her 25 free- why? It's Emma of course!)

Will- what's up with Will? Well, he is taking tennis lessons and swim lessons. Today, he started work on flip turns. He is gaining a lot of confidence on swimming continuously without putting his feet down. By the time we head to the Johnson cabin, he will be a regular fish in the water.

Jeff and I leave on Thursday to pace Bryan in his quest for the ultramarathon! We are heading up to Sheridan, WY. If you are interested to know more about the race, here is a link to the race site as well as here is a map of the course. This is by far one of the most interesting athletic challenges I have ever taken on in my life. I am going to be running with Bryan during the night (about 19-20 miles) and Jeff will run another 20+ with Bryan after my portion is done. Wish us luck and keep us in your prayers. We definitely will need them.

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  1. Not sure why I don't have your blog linked to mine, but I'm going to do it right now (if that's ok!). Great to catch up on your family...looks like you are having an adventurous summer. Jackson, great running! Emma, great swimming, and Will, great tennis playing! I'm very impressed with all of your athletic skills, and I LOVE your posts Emma, keep them coming :)