Friday, June 10, 2011

Hershey Track

Today, Jackson competed to qualify for the State Hershey Track meet next weekend. He entered the softball throw, 400, and 200. His throws in the softball competition were very good with his best at 96' 6". (Look at that great form!)

In the 400, Jackson ran in a mixed age group of older boys and kids his own age. He ran a 1:26 and finished well. The 400 is such a tough race being able to pace yourself by not going out too quickly and still leaving enough to finish strong. I think he qualified in this race. We will have to do some serious training this next week if he does.

Finally, Jackson finished with a 36.66 in the 200. He was the least excited about his performance in this race. He did well, but there were a lot of fast kids in his age group. He really wished that they would allow the younger kids to run the 800, 1, 600 or 3, 200 since distance is more his thing.

We will find out his race results on Monday to see what he qualified in.

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