Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Skiing to late night swimming

Memorial Day weekend left Jeff and I without the kids. I can't tell you how relaxing it was other than to explain later on what we did once they returned. Saturday Jeff and I ran with one of my best buddies Anne Thurmond for our final long run before our half marathon race up in Steamboat this coming weekend. We ran 8 miles and then Jeff and I went out for breakfast. The luxury of reading the paper, having a cup of coffee and enjoying one another's company was not lost on us. That night, our cousins Bryan and Shelley picked us up to go for a night time run in Deer Creek Canyon. I have never run in the dark before let alone run in a night...on trails...with wild animals....CRAZY! We ran about three hours or 10.5 miles in preparation for Jeff and I pacing Bryan at his ultra marathon in Big Horn National Park in a couple of weeks. I was really tired but glad to have an idea of what was going to be expected of Jeff and I in order to keep up with Bryan. Jeff is going to pace Bryan for about 37 miles and I have about 17 miles plus my shift doesn't even begin until 10:30 pm.

The rest of the weekend was spent lounging until the Thurmonds convinced us to come over for lunch and dinner on Monday breaking in their new patio furniture. It's a good thing we have friends otherwise I am not sure if we would have ever left the house!

And then the kids returned:

Yesterday was a crazy day here at the Smith-Krause house. After Jackson and Will arrived, Jackson and I took off for Arapahoe Basin to take in some May skiing. The mountain had a bunch of runs still open and Jackson was the only one who wanted to complete the adventure with me. When we got to A Basin, the temps at the base were about 40 degrees with an expected high of 52. However, after lunch, Jackson and I both agreed that it was much warmer than that. We skied for about 5 hours which was exhausting on my part. I finally told Jackson at 2:30, I was done. He coaxed me into two more runs, one of which had us trapped on a chair lift for about 10 minutes. What a great feeling to ski on May 31.

When we finally got in the car to return home, the thermometer read 60! We knew it was warmer than they were claiming. On the way home, Jackson wanted to go swimming, and because we live in Colorado, that is possible. So from ski slopes to the swimming pool, we did them both in one day. Jackson, Emma and Will swam for over an hour and then we came home to use the fire pit and roast S'Mores. YUMMY! I think this is why Jeff and I are so exhausted everyday ; we try to roll every activity into every day.

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