Monday, June 27, 2011

Spilling Tie Dye

Today me and my family went to the old tie dye store and nobody was there. But there was a sign that said where they moved. Fortunately, it was really close. We bought some tie dye shirts and dye.

Will went to the zoo today and saw lots of animals with his grandparents. When Will finally came home, we started to tie dye. Jackson did one shirt all green and another shirt in a spider design. Will did multi color shirt with swirls and another that was stripes. I did a sunshine shirt with a swirl on the shoulder and a VIKINGS shirt with a swirl on the shoulder.

We all used so much dye that it went through the plastic wrap on the table. We even tie dyed our house- don't be gullible and believe that! (Gullible is our word of the week- it means you believe everything somebody says).

Tonight the kids and me are going to make dinner. We are making deep dish pizza, salad, fruit, and of course, dessert! We are going to watch a movie or even maybe go night swimming. And remember if you are going to do tie dye have the whole gang do it.


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