Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Smith-Krauses have had a fun summer and can hardly believe it is almost over. Here are some videos of our family time at the pool.





Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Emma

Yesterday was my 9th birthday and we had a party. We had cake inside ice cream. Here is who came to my party...

(Papa Jerry, Nana Nancy, Shelley and Shay)

(Kennan, Jenn, Jeff, Brynna, Bryan, me, and Jason)

(Baby Sam, Jackson, and Me)

(Kristin, me and Anne)

(Rachelle, me and my dad)

Ears Pierced

Once upon a time, I wanted my ear's pierced. And I finally got it!

I didn't know what we were doing because my family was giving me a surprise trip for my birthday. We drove to the mall and then Jackson and Will gave me a present that was a clue...earrings. My dad and Rachelle met us at the mall and we went inside.

I picked out my starter earrings and watch the video...


( Here I am trying to decide what earrings to have for my starter earrings)

( I was smiling because I finally got my ears pierced!)

( Here is my family that came with: Mom, Jeff, me, Dad, Jackson, Will, and Rachelle)

I get to take out my started earrings and 8 weeks. I have to remember to clean my ears everyday at night and after swimming.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Camping with the boys

Jeff and I took the boys camping at our favorite spot: Dowdy Lake in the Red Feather Lakes region near Fort Collins. What a beautiful area! The camp ground surrounds a small lake where you can tent camp just feet away from water. We left on Tuesday and barely got the tent up before we were caught in a downpour. Will and I had just walked up to the car to get more supplies when the heavens unloaded upon us. Luckily, we had the iPad with us in the car. Will and I cuddled up together to reduce his nervousnesses about thunderstorms and then started playng some music. First song on the playlist- "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles. I couldn't have asked for a better song to calm him down.

Once the stormed subsided, we finished setting up and the boys went exploring. Jackson climbed every rock around eventually creating a tour he took us on the next day with a few other summits he wanted us to climb with him. The boys were also fascinated by the craw dads in the lake. Jackson took some convincing, but eventually realized the craw dad wouldn't bite him if he picked him up correctly- I had to be the one to show him! Once he caught one, he wanted me to cook it for him to eat. Luckily he ended up changing his mind.

Jeff and I took turns running on Wednesday and Jackson ran with me one loop. Jackson and I worked some more on his learning how to play cribbage. He wants to be able to play with his Papa Ross when we get to Minnesota.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday were wonderful relief days from the hot sun of Littleton. It was a short trip but a lot of fun. We came in with rain and left with a beautiful morning on the lake.

(Jackson wanted to try fried SPAM- he liked it)
(Will showing me he looks like toothpaste-"super white")

(Jackson and Will heating up their backs and then flying around the campsite)

(Jackson and Will playing in the lake)

( Our campsite)

(Jackson with his crawdad)

(Jackson climbing)

(Jackson and Will exploring)

Fourth of July

Jeff and I were kid free over the Fourth and so we invited over our friends and family for ribs and grilled chicken. It was a scorcher of a day, but we still had a lot of fun and good conversation. Jeff's sister's family (Jenn, Greg, and Kailey) came over early and then we were joined by the Leclaires (Jason, KK and baby Sam) and Jason Leclaire's parents Rich and Miss Marge. Jeff's dad and Nancy came over after they were done collecting flags from downtown Littleton. Jerry's Optimist club puts them up and takes them down for downtown Littleton businesses for each flag bearing holiday. What a patriotic job!

Greg made his spectacularly dangerous Yuka mix to kick off the festivities. I delighted in the John Daly's he brought as well. Here are some pictures of the day.

(Baby Sam looking so cute in his Fourth of July outfit-check out the sweet shoes)

(BFF's Jason and Greg playing ladder golf)

(The ladies- Kailey, Jenn, and KK joining in on the ladder golf)

(Kailey and Jenn showing off their matching little hats)