Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ears Pierced

Once upon a time, I wanted my ear's pierced. And I finally got it!

I didn't know what we were doing because my family was giving me a surprise trip for my birthday. We drove to the mall and then Jackson and Will gave me a present that was a clue...earrings. My dad and Rachelle met us at the mall and we went inside.

I picked out my starter earrings and watch the video...


( Here I am trying to decide what earrings to have for my starter earrings)

( I was smiling because I finally got my ears pierced!)

( Here is my family that came with: Mom, Jeff, me, Dad, Jackson, Will, and Rachelle)

I get to take out my started earrings and 8 weeks. I have to remember to clean my ears everyday at night and after swimming.



  1. Congrats Emma! Payton got hers pierced at the start of first grade. Did you think it hurt? Payton cried, but only a little. You look beautiful, and Happy Birthday!

  2. You are a brave girl, Emma. When I first got my ears pierced, I start screaming and running around right after the first one got pierced. My mother had to hold me down in order to get the second one pierced. Congrats!