Monday, August 8, 2011

Heading to the lake

Right before we head back to school, we head to Minnesota for over a week of fun. This year was a little different in that my mom was going to be still up in Anchorage taking care of Keith and Jess. Also, while we were up in Anchorage, my mom and dad's dog, TUC, was killed. We knew going to the lake this year was going to be not quite the same.

We arrived on Friday night with my brother Matt waiting up for us. My other brother Adam, and his girlfriend, Natalie, Matt's girls, and my dad would all be there with us for the weekend as well as my godson, Logan. This was the first time we were able to meet Natalie and I coudlnt have been happier with her! What a treat! She fits in great with my sarcastic, joking, fun loving family. Saturday brought lake fun- skiing, playing on the beach, tubing, reading, and of course, heading to our favorite pizza joint-Zorbaz!

Each day we spent time on the lake skiing or tubing. Will learned how to ski without bindings holding his skiis together. Jackson worked on cutting the wake and slalom skiing. Emma worked on her tubing abilities and even went skiing once just to please her mom and Papa. Jeff and I worked on staying sane by reading. I finished three books and am working on the last of the Hunger Games series. With the big beach, we even managed to test our engineering skills my building a small town complete with waterways. We all pitched in for fun here! We spent Sunday morning making stones to mark TUC's burial spot at the lake. All the grandkids pitched in. Hopefully, Nana, my mom, will feel all the love that went into making these special stones for TUC. We also traveled in one day to see my Grandma Pat and take her out to lunch. It is always so nice tto have her all to ourselves. Sadly her brother passed away while we were there.

On our final day, after skiing a few runs, I came back to the dock and told the kids I wanted to ski with at least two of them- all together! Jackson immediately volunteered, Emma adamentally declared "NO", and Will gave in. Will was to the point of tears, but as the image illustrates, he pulled through. He had never skiied behind the big boat, let alone skiied without his bindings more than a few times. Afterwards, he kept telling my dad that next year he wants to build a pyramid and only wants to ski behind the Nautique! We will see.

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