Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jackson's 10th Birthday Party

This year for Jackson's birthday, Jeff and I decided to throw him a Minute to Win It Party. Jackson invited his best school buddies (Asher, Scott, Mark, Grant, Matthew, Will, William, and Zach), the Leclaires, the Thurmonds, the Epps, and his grandparents. Not everyone could come, but we all had lots of laughs from who did.

After the kids had eaten Jackson's requested dinner of brats, burgers, and wings, we sent the boys threw a grueling competition. There were 7 events with the top two contestants at the end of the 7 events, competing for the BIG PRIZE! The boys competed in shooting down cans, balancing dice on a popsicle stick, picking up penne pasta with spaghetti noodles, trying to move Oreo cookies down their faces, trying to unwrap a roll of toilet paper fastest, moving a blue cup from the top to the bottom of a stack of cups, and a ping pong challenge. After the boys totaled their scores, Jackson and Asher competed in the final for pretzels.

(Noodling Around)


(Dizzy Mummy Champ Kailey)

The fishing round was hilarious as the sticky gummy worm stuck to everything from people's faces to the intended pretzel. Jackson won with his awesome fishing skills! What a way to celebrate your birthday. After the games, we had ice cream sundaes for dessert. Yummy!

(Mark balancing dice)

(Jackson fishing for a pretzel) (More fishing)

( An unexpected catch-SCOTT!)

Then the boys headed to the pool for some swimming in the dark. The lifeguards weren't quite sure what to make of the late night swimmers. Once they realized it was a 10 year old party, it all made sense.

(Asher, Will, Mark, Jackson and Scott)

Once home, the boys camped out back. Six campers in one tent! In the morning, they were treated to Monkey bread and eggs. I think all had a good time.

(Trying to "face" the cookie)

Jackson has this to say about his party, "It was super fun!"


(Mark expresses his attitude towards the festivities)

Later this week, we are taking Jackson out for his real birthday with his grandparents and friend Matthew. Then, at school, we are serving rootbeer, Sprite, orange or grape floats.

Happy Birthday my dear, sweet young man, Jackson. We love you!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Jackson! What a great family actually had a minute to win it party can check out our pictures (we did some of the same games) here: I can't believe you are 10!