Monday, August 8, 2011

My brother Keith

The last couple of weeks of our summer vacation didn't turn out quite the way we expected. About three weeks ago, we were having dinner over at the Syers' home. I ignored a call from my dad that turned out to be one I shouldn't have dismissed. My brother Keith had been in a horrible car accident while on vacation up in Alaska. He survived, but the doctors immediately told my folks to gather your family and pray.

I booked a ticket that night for Anchorage. Seeing your brother in the ER, looking not quite like the boy and man you have seen for the last 33 years, sheds light on many relationships. Quickly, how time passes us all by. My family gathered up in Anchorage as we stood by Keith and stood for Keith. We continued to take time in his room telling him of our memories, our hopes for the future, and what great progress he made each day.

I was able to stay just about a week and in that time felt so blessed that I was surrounded by my brothers, Mom, Dad, and Keith's wonderful wife Jessica. Keith is being released from the hospital tomorrow and will fly back to Minnesota on Wednesday. His recovery is far from over, but I am so thankful to the friends and family that continue to stand by Keith, Jess and my family here in Colorado.

To stay updated on Keith and his progress, his wife Jessica keeps this website up to date:

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