Monday, August 15, 2011

A Running Weekend

Earlier this summer, Jeff challenged me to try and break my personal half-marathon record. About three years ago, I set my PB at the Georgetown to Idaho Springs half- 1:36:13. This summer I have been training hard in order to focus on my goal. Combining track workouts with Jillian Michael's shredding, long runs with fast finishes, I was working towards my goal.

Then came my trip home to Minnesota, and I remembered for the first time all summer that I was on vacation. All the sudden, I didn't feel like getting up at 5:00 am anymore to run. I didn't feel like doing much of anything as I realized my summer was coming to a screeching halt. Then, upon our return home, much of my attention focused on school and preparing my classroom. Before I realized it, I had taken two weeks off of running- AT called it a severe taper towards race day.

Race day emerged this past Saturday. Jason Leclaire, Jeff, Anne Thurmond and I all ventured up to the race. I was extremely nervous and yet upset at myself for working so hard, and then taking all this time off. As the race began, AT mentioned the tried and true words, "Trust your training." I did! AT was our eternal cheerleader setting the bar high appearing throughout the course cheering Jeff, Jason and me along. I worked so hard throughout the race coming to the realization at the end, that I had not been training at the appropriate pace. I was training at 7:30 minutes per mile, when I should have been training at 7:15 minutes per mile. I finished the race not beating my goal. I missed it by seconds. 1:35.15 is my watch time; And the official time from the website says 1:36.14. UGH! Anywho...I did finish 11/249 out of my age group.

(Notice that Jason and I made Jeff stand below so we would look taller)

What was the best part of the day was watching Jason race his first half. Jeff and I are so proud of him, his hardwork, and his dedication! Jason, you truly were BA and I can't wait to get you ready for your next half!

On Sunday, to follow up AT's stunning performance at cheering us on, I watched AT and KK race in Wash Park. They looked great!

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  1. As your sister-seperated-at-birth, I can understand your disappointment in not meeting your goal. I will say, however, that I am really impressed with your drive, determination, and competitive spirit. It's a challenge to balance it all...and you do it really well.