Sunday, October 23, 2011

Running, running, running

Jackson, Will, Abby, Emma, KK, Sam, AT, Ethan, Jason, me
We have been so busy literally running around.  Jackson finished up his cross country season last weekend with a 5K up in Arvada.  He ran an impressive 25:31  5k.  His goal time was to finish under 24, but he decided to leave that for the next weekend after cross country was finished (I will get to that story later).
Jackson starting last race of the season
This past week, we had Jackson's cross country banquet.  We are so thankful for his wonderful coach, Coach Amy. She has inspired Jackson beyond the motivation Jeff and I have given Jackson towards running. Plus, Jackson met one of his new best friends, Simeon, while running cross country. If you can't tell, they look similar. They were nicknamed "Blondie 1 and 2."
Coach Amy and Jackson
Jackson, Simeon and Coach Amy
South Suburban Cross Country team
This past weekend, Jackson, Will and I ran in South Suburban's  "Hoofin it Through the Hollows."  This race is one to add to your calendar for next year: fog machines, S'mores, ghostly ghouls lining the course handing out candy, Halloween pumpkins for mile markers, and running at night. We couldn't ask for more.  Initially, Jackson and I were just going to run the race.  Jackson asked his friend Simeon, from cross country, to run with us as well. Then, the night before the race, Will expressed interest in running his first 5k- I think watching Jackson run cross country this year has enticed Will to do the same. Will ran a great race with me by his side. He finished with a 35:05. Jackson won his age division with an impressive 22.07- his best 5k by far. He earned a sweet medal and gained a lot of confidence about his running capabilities.

Jackson, Anne and Will ready to run
Jackson and Simeon at start
Jackson at 1 mile mark

Will and Anne at 1 mile mark

The next morning, Littleton Public Schools put on its Littleton Stride.  Jackson, Emma, Will and I all ran with Anne T, the Leclaires, and Ethan, and Abby (two new teachers in our LA dept).  The morning was great for running.  I ran the 10k with Anne T, the Leclaires, Ethan and Abby.  I finished in 46:47- I think top 5 for women- I am still awaiting official results. Jackson ran another impressive 5k with 23:20 on a very hilly course.  Will and Emma ran in the 1 mile student race.  Overall, it was a great day for running.

Emma 1 mile student race
Emma "Great Job" finisher

Abby, Ethan and Anne
Will 1 mile student race
Will "Great Job" finisher


  1. You all are running machines! As I looked at your pictures, I realized that I know the lady in the picture with Emma. Her daughter plays on Payton's soccer team! How funny!

  2. The Smith-Krause children are officially rockstars (much like their parents)!