Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving break

Over Thanksgiving Break, we have been participating in an activity each day.  We asked the kids the week before break what they wanted to do over break: Jackson-skating, Will-Jumpstreet, Emma-swimming.  So, on Sunday, we went swimming at Lonetree Rec center with the Thurmonds. On Monday, we went skating at the ice rink. Tuesday, we went to Jumpstreet (check out our videos-I swear I was the only mom playing with her kids).  On Wednesday, we went to the opening of the Muppets movie. Today, we are resting with family.  






Will and Jackson skating
Emma skate

Post skating treat
Family at Jumpstreet

Muppet movie with the family

Will making pumpkin pie
Will finished pumpkin pie

Emma made Apple Pie
Will helping Jeff stuff the turkey
Jackson making his pie

Jackson's finished Chocolate Satin pie

Jackon trying the "chocolate"- Note: unsweetened chocolate

Jackson convinced Will to try the "chocolate"

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