Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dinner with friends

Jeff, AT, Jon, Kristin, Jason, Anne
We went out this past weekend to celebrate the holidays with the Thurmonds and the Leclaires.  This is a tradition we started last year when the Holmans still lived here. What a fun way to celebrate!

We went to the Leclaires for appetizers and then headed down to Carmines on Penn for dinner.  After we filled ourselves with amazing pork loin and baked ziti, we went to the Thurmonds for dessert.

We are so blessed to have one another. I know at any time that all of them would drop what they are doing in an instant to help anyone out.  What great loving, caring, supportive, funny, and good looking friends we have. (Holman's you are included in this too) Here's to you!
KK, Anne, AT: the lovely ladies, a.k.a the ladies from Jason and the ladies

The handsome gents: Jon, Jeff, and Jason; what wonderful friends, husbands and fathers

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  1. What a great looking crew! (I especially like KK's short skirt :))