Saturday, December 31, 2011

Losing teeth and hockey games

The last couple of night have been quite eventful around the Smith-Krause house.  On Thursday night, we went to the Aves game with the kids.  We didn't have the best seats, but it was fun to watch the Aves play.  During the game, Emma was wiggling her tooth, and wouldn't you know, she popped it right out.

Will, Emma, me and Jackson
Will showing off his game face- GO Aves!

Emma minus a molar
Friday night, we went to the DU hockey game with our friend Ethan, Jeff's deskmate at school.  DU played Union. Before the game, Will was wiggling his tooth and with a little assistance from me, we popped it right out.  Will's first lost tooth!
Will's first lost tooth!

DU vs. Union

Jeff, Ethan, Emma
Jackson and Will

Note: Will painted his face for EVERY game we went to.  What a fan!

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  1. Congratulations on your first lost tooth Will! I love your face painting skills and hope that you will paint your face for an Arapahoe Volleyball game next fall :)