Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vacation Week Two: Part One

When Jeff and I returned from the Hinterland, we had Christmas with the Krause/Epp family and were finally able to play with the kids.  I will post separately about Christmas, but we went sledding our first day back with Adam Thurmond.  (AT was there to supervise the activities).
Adam post sled run- wheee!

Jackson snowboarding on a sled

Anne and Adam sledding- AT supervising in the background

Jackson snowboarding

Adam with Jeff sledding

Da Boyz' post sled race run
Jackson for Christmas received a new sleeping bag from Jeff and I. In order to test out its cold weather capability, he and Emma slept outside.

Jackson and Emma camping outside

Jackson and Emma preparing for a 20 degree night
Jackson and Will bought themselves a knee hockey set after I informed them of Logan, my nephew and godson's, Christmas gift.  Everyday we have had a hockey tournament with all family members participating.
Floor Knee Hockey tournament
More later...

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