Saturday, December 31, 2011

Losing teeth and hockey games

The last couple of night have been quite eventful around the Smith-Krause house.  On Thursday night, we went to the Aves game with the kids.  We didn't have the best seats, but it was fun to watch the Aves play.  During the game, Emma was wiggling her tooth, and wouldn't you know, she popped it right out.

Will, Emma, me and Jackson
Will showing off his game face- GO Aves!

Emma minus a molar
Friday night, we went to the DU hockey game with our friend Ethan, Jeff's deskmate at school.  DU played Union. Before the game, Will was wiggling his tooth and with a little assistance from me, we popped it right out.  Will's first lost tooth!
Will's first lost tooth!

DU vs. Union

Jeff, Ethan, Emma
Jackson and Will

Note: Will painted his face for EVERY game we went to.  What a fan!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Baking

A few years ago,  Jenn and I decided to have a day of baking in preparation for Christmas. The first year it was pretty small and we let the kids help out.  We quickly discovered that was too much work.  After refining our focus, we just allowed Kailey to join us.

Kailey wielding the mallet to crush some peanuts
Jenn not having any fun
The baking is an all day process involving all sorts of Christmas treats: Mom's Gimme the Recipe Fudge, the coveted Judi Krause's shortbread cookies, peanut blossoms, peanut butter bars, Nana brownies, salted peanut rolls, and introducing Yummy Balls of Yum.  Luckily, we had some visitors come over and taste test the products to make sure they met the highest standards of quality goods.

Adam and Anne helped us out with tasting

Jerry and Nancy came by as well

Jeff stepped in for some taste testing and assistance

Nuggets game

Tonight as part of our week with the kids, we went to watch the Nuggets home opener versus the Utah Jazz- sorry Jared, but the Nuggies crushed the Jazz. 
Opening Night

Showing our Nuggets pride

Some took Nuggets pride a little more seriously than others- he's too cute!

Christmas with the Krauses

After our return from the Great Un-White North, we celebrated Christmas with Jerry, Nancy, Jenn, Greg and Kailey. We are a good looking bunch.
Greg, Jenn, Kailey, Nana, Papa, Will, Emma, Anne, Jeff and Jackson-take 1

Greg, Jenn, Kailey, Nana, Papa, Will, Emma, Anne, Jeff and Jackson- take 2
Greg, Jenn, Kailey, Nana, Papa, Will, Emma, Anne, Jeff and Jackson- can you tell the kids asked for this pose?

DU game

Before Jeff and I left for Minnesota, we had a night with the boys. We took them to a DU basketball game.  Jeff and I received an email through South Suburban, where both the boys play basketball, for $6.00 tickets for the DU vs. Boise State game. When we arrived, we were expecting to sit up high and have a bird's eye view of the game.  As we were walking to our seats, suddenly we realized we were in the front right behind the players' bench. What was even better was that our friends the Culigs, Matt went to high school with Jeff and coaches with Jeff too, were sitting right behind us.  What a great start to the break!
Will, Jeff and Jackson preparing to watch some action
View from our seats- not bad!
Joey, Lucy, Jackson, and Will post DU win

Vacation Week Two: Part One

When Jeff and I returned from the Hinterland, we had Christmas with the Krause/Epp family and were finally able to play with the kids.  I will post separately about Christmas, but we went sledding our first day back with Adam Thurmond.  (AT was there to supervise the activities).
Adam post sled run- wheee!

Jackson snowboarding on a sled

Anne and Adam sledding- AT supervising in the background

Jackson snowboarding

Adam with Jeff sledding

Da Boyz' post sled race run
Jackson for Christmas received a new sleeping bag from Jeff and I. In order to test out its cold weather capability, he and Emma slept outside.

Jackson and Emma camping outside

Jackson and Emma preparing for a 20 degree night
Jackson and Will bought themselves a knee hockey set after I informed them of Logan, my nephew and godson's, Christmas gift.  Everyday we have had a hockey tournament with all family members participating.
Floor Knee Hockey tournament
More later...

Vacation Week One

Jeff and I flew home to the homeland of Minnesota/North Dakota for the first week of Winter Break.  My sister in law, Libby, and her girls (Ireland, Lila, and Eden) picked us up from the airport and transported us to my favorite spot, the Johnson family lake cabin.

Jeff and I spent the week with Libby and the girls for a couple of days. Then, Adam and Natalie came out to visit next. Finally, we ended with week with Keith, Jessica, and Logan.

My nephew Logan

Eden, my neice

Moving a ski boat with a ATV- yes, an ATV

Adam a.k.a. Elmo

Adam and Natalie (we love her!)

Keith J sporting his Sioux gear

Intense game of Scheelsopoly- like Monopoly but with Scheels' products

Dad sporting his new snowmobile gear

Dad and Mom who made our whole vacation possible!  Thanks!
Jeff and I were able to help Dad with his new toy box, sadly I don't have a picture of this.  We loaded all the boats and toys into the toy box as well as came up with other ideas of what it could be used for.  We spent the remainder of our time drinking wine (thanks Dad) and relaxing (thanks Mom).  Basically is was very low key which was a necessity for both Jeff and I.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dinner with friends

Jeff, AT, Jon, Kristin, Jason, Anne
We went out this past weekend to celebrate the holidays with the Thurmonds and the Leclaires.  This is a tradition we started last year when the Holmans still lived here. What a fun way to celebrate!

We went to the Leclaires for appetizers and then headed down to Carmines on Penn for dinner.  After we filled ourselves with amazing pork loin and baked ziti, we went to the Thurmonds for dessert.

We are so blessed to have one another. I know at any time that all of them would drop what they are doing in an instant to help anyone out.  What great loving, caring, supportive, funny, and good looking friends we have. (Holman's you are included in this too) Here's to you!
KK, Anne, AT: the lovely ladies, a.k.a the ladies from Jason and the ladies

The handsome gents: Jon, Jeff, and Jason; what wonderful friends, husbands and fathers