Monday, January 16, 2012

Nugget's game

Wednesday night, Jeff was rewarded for all his coaching efforts by one of his player's parents.  Marcus offered Jeff 4 court side tickets for the game against the Nets. Needless to say, we accepted. We surprised the boys with their tickets once we arrived inside the Pepsi Center not telling them why we were there or where we were going to sit.  As they meandered their way down further and further to the court, suddenly they realized how close they were going to sit to the Nugget's bench.  Then, I pulled out their Nugget's jerseys out of my purse.  The surprise worked out flawlessly.

What a night! Nene and the Birdman literally right in front of them.  We had a fabulous time and now we know how the other half lives.  Plus, Jeff DVRed the game so this weekend, we could watch ourselves on TV-AWESOME!
Jeff, Jackson and Will

Anne, Will and Jackson- yep- those are our seats!
Big Al Harrington and the Birdman right in front of us; Ty Lawson on the side
Sitting close!

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