Monday, January 16, 2012

Science Fair Weekend

All three of the kids are entering the science fair again this year, and wonderfully enough, they all want to do their projects with Jeff and I.

Jackson is studying how clean a human's mouth is compared to an animal's mouth. So luckily with the help of our neighbors and friends, he swabbed 5 animals' and 5 humans' mouths yesterday. Then, he added the saliva to his petri dishes to see what grows.  Thanks to Mr. Wallace for providing the insight into controls and the petri dishes!  His project will take awhile to finish, so you will have to be on the edge of your seat waiting for the results.  Here are some fun pictures to keep you company while you wait.

Testing Shandy

Nana Nancy swabs enthusiastically

Jackson swabs Shadow with Rachelle's help

Human samples

Will participates in swabbing

Adam graciously participates
Next, Emma is testing pH levels in various products. She hypothesized that juices would have higher pH levels than other products such as vinegar, baking soda, and soap.  Attached is her presentation and results as well as some photos for interest.  She did a good job learning about pH, acids, and bases.  She even made a PPT movie for her presentation.  Thanks to Mr. Hatak for providing the test tubes and pH paper!
Emma swabbing the pH paper with a sample

Shaking up a sample

Measuring pH

Emma cleaning up her own project without being asked- now that's impressive!
Slideshow of PPT presentation:
Finally, Will created two projects. Our first project wasn't successful last night, so at 8 pm, I had to come up with a different idea: how does warm air and cold air effect how balls bounce.  Will found six different kinds of balls, and we tested them inside late last night. Then, this morning at 8 am, we tested them outside.  He had an interesting series of questions he wanted to answer, but unfortunately his hypothesis didn't come true. What was neat though, was what we all learned about air pressure and cold air.

Will capturing Nerf ball bounce height

Will capturing racquetball bounce height inside

Will's inside drop location

Will ascending the ladder for outside drops

Will needing a little extra assistance on the ladder

Slideshow of Will's PPT presentation:


  1. Cool projects guys! Payton is going to do some tests and try to make her own soda pop. Hopefully we will be able to do some taste tests!