Monday, February 13, 2012

Rendezvous at Wilder

In January, Jackson and Emma finished up their unit on Colorado History with a rendezvous day at Wilder.  Each student was to make something at home that they could trade for at school.  Emma made jewelry and Jackson made squish balls.  The students learned about how settlers used to trade for goods rather than just going to the store to buy items.  The students also dressed up for the day; thanks to the AHS drama department, our kids had fun costumes to wear. 

The kids went around in the morning learning different crafts. I was lucky enough to help run the flute making craft. Nothing like 25 4th graders all tooting their flutes at the same time.  This made me especially appreciative to teacher high schoolers.
Emma looking like Laura Ingalls Wilder

Liberty, Leah and Emma- prairie girls
Jackson wearing his mountaineer outfit- those are my hiking boots!
Jackson , Sam and Mason- mountaineers unite!

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