Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Visit to Grandma's

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my dad's mom, Grandma Bert. She asked that I come down for a visit. When your 96, (almost 97) year old Grandmother asks you to come visit, you come visit.

 I scheduled my trip to Mesa to coincide with my mom and dad's trip to Arizona as well. I left Saturday morning meeting my mom and dad and then heading over to a celebration for my Grandma. She has been a member of her church for a very long time. So long that they call the celebration "For score and years..." She was recognized during the celebration with a beautiful rose.

 After the celebration, I was finally able to see Grandma's new home. It is a really nice assisted living facility where they take excellent care of her. She seems pretty happy there.

 The next day we went up to my Uncle Bruce and Aunt Karen's house in Prescott with my grandma as well. We had such a nice visit and dinner. We took Grandma out to breakfast and dinner on Monday.

Although she can't hear well or so well, it is nice to hear her get so excited about seeing different things and being taken out to eat. The whole trip was so enjoyable being able to have my parents all to myself and also spend some very special time with my grandma. She is one special lady!
Grandma Bert a.k.a. Bertha the Great

Karen, Grandma, and Bruce

Dad at Grandma and Grandpa's old house

Dad and Grandma
Anne, Uncle Bruce and Aunt Karen

Bruce, Grandma and Dad at Bruce and Karen's
Anne, Grandma and Dad

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