Monday, February 27, 2012

Will's Birthday continued

After Will's birthday party with his buddies, I asked him what he wanted to do on his real birthday.  He wanted the gang to come over for homemade calzones.  So, we invited the Thurmonds, Leclaires, Epps, Jerry and Nancy, and the Bryan Krause family.

We had a great night with food and laughs.  Check out the photos:
Will, Jenn, Kailey, and Greg
Shay, Brynna, Kennan, Bryan, Tim, and Will
Nana, Will and Papa
KK, Jackson, Jeff, Sam, Emma, Will and Jason
 After everyone left, we opened gifts. Will asked for donations to Children's Hospital in honor of his friend Sam instead of getting gifts.  Since he was so generous with his birthday, Jeff and I put together all of Jeff's old baseball cards into a cool album for him to keep.  His gift to Sam truly deserved a gift from our hearts as well.


Jackson Will and Emma with the card album

Jeff and Emma

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