Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break

Will enjoying the beautiful weather and looking cool too!
We had a really nice Spring Break with the kids.  Friday afternoon the boys took the bus home and then we went out to dinner with the Leclaires to celebrate Jason Leclaire Day. Jason doesn't care to celebrate his birthday, so we randomly pick a day every year and show up with a  gift.

On Saturday, Jeff ran 22 miles for his training for the Fargo Marathon. While he was out running, the boys and I went rock climbing. I have taken Jackson before, but Will has never come with. It was such a treat to watch Will confront his fear of heights and defy expectations. Additionally, Jackson took on the challenge of conquering some 5.8s and attempted a 5.9.  I was so proud of my boys!

Jackson climbing a 5.7
Jackson climbing a 5.8
Jackson and Will ready to climb
Will scaling a 5.5
Anne and Jackson
Will and Anne- I think he's having fun!
Will climbing a 5.6
Saturday Jackson made the communion bread for church. He asked Pastor Nathan a few weeks ago if he could make the bread and Pastor Nathan showed him where to sign up and how to make it.  Jackson did a really good job and I am so proud of him for stepping up and contributing to the church.
Jackson dividing up the balls of communion dough

Jackson scoring the communion bread before baking.
Jackson putting oil on the communion bread 

Saturday night we watched The Adventures of TinTin-excellent movie! Will liked it so much, he went out and bought himself the iBook  version to read.

Sunday, the kids had play dates with some friends, and my dad came back into town from his ski trip to Vail. We sat around and watched the Division I college hockey playoffs since UND was trying to get into the Frozen Four. Sadly, it didn't work out in their favor.

Will, Emma, Papa Ross, and Jackson
Monday, Dad left in the morning and Will and Emma had soccer camp. More play dates during the day. That night, the Trotters, Audra, Ethan, and Abby came over for the annual every six week dinner party.  We had a great time eating and playing Apples to Apples.

Tuesday we took the kids and a friend, Lily, up to Beau Jo's pizza in Idaho Springs and then to the Idaho Springs Hot Springs.   We had a fun day.  Jackson had another sleepover and playdate not going to bed until 5 am!
Emma, Lily, and Will
Wednesday the boys and Emma went to their other homes, and Jeff  and I could finally relax!  Reading outside, recharging my Vitamin D, and sleeping in have been major pluses.

Sadly, my phone has crashed, AGAIN, my hard drive has failed, but now I am the proud new owner of an iPhone.

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