Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wilder Running Club

Jackson and Will are both participating in the Wilder Running Club at school this year.  They run at least once a week during lunch time logging in at least a mile or so.

Mr. Mac, the PE teacher, sent home an announcement about a race at Mile High Stadium. Will right away asked for us to sign him up to participate. Today, Will ran his race along with a number of other kids from the Wilder Running Club. What was really cool was that the kids were able to run around Mile High Stadium and then finish coming down the Bronco's tunnel finishing their last lap on the field.

What a  great event and Will did extremely well!  We are proud of you Will-Will

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Will's donation

Instead of wanting presents this year for his birthday, Will collected money for Children's Hospital in honor of his friend Sam. We sent in Will's total donation a little while ago, and today Will received this in the mail:

We are so proud of our Will!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spirit of Littleton Dinner

Emma was asked to present at the Spirit of Littleton Dinner which raises money for the Littleton Public Schools Foundation. Her art teacher, Mrs. Day, asked Emma to present about how they use technology in art.  Ironically, I was there also presenting with my kids about how we use technology in education at AHS.

Platte River Half

Jeff, Jason and KK all ran in the Platte River Half on Sunday. Emma, AT and I went to cheer them on. This was KK's first half marathon, Jason's second and who knows how many for Jeff. Jeff was using this race as a training race for the Fargo Marathon.  The day started out much better than expected, but about half way through the race, the winds picked up.  Head winds for the remainder of the race.
Jason and KK

Me, Jeff, and Emma before the race
Jason running in red

Jeff coming around the corner at the start

Jeff going towards the finish

Jason heading toward the finish

KK almost done with her first half!

Post race finishers!  We are so proud!


Monday, April 9, 2012


We celebrated Easter this year with the boys and then the rest of the family came over for dinner that night.

Our Easter began early Sunday morning, since I was going to be the Assisting Minister for the first time at the 6:30 am service. Will wanted to come with and watch me (love the support), so we woke up at 5:15 am.  Will helped all the gentlemen get the church set up, and even Pastor Nathan asked for Will to help with flowers.  Will received a number of compliments from the ladies at church on what a well mannered boy he was listening intently to the sermon, and hopefully, me too.

Jeff and Jackson joined us for the 8 am service where I was lectoring.  After the beautiful service, we went to Starbucks to celebrate.  We eventually made it home, and had egg bake and cinnamon rolls waiting. YUM!

Jenn, Greg, Kailey, Nancy and Jerry all joined us for delicious dinner.  We played games (good call Kailey), shot hoops, and had a pretty relaxing evening besides Will's allergies flaring up.


Jackson and Emma's recent project at school was to build their own rocket, and launch them off at school. After school last Tuesday, both came home and we headed to Target to get supplies to perfect their rocket. Jackson knew exactly what kind of fin material he wanted, and the shape of the fins he wished to add to his rocket. Also, he wanted to paint his rocket special colors. Emma knew she wanted some fins, and with the help of Jackson, managed to find a design that worked for her. Additionally, she also wanted to decorate her rocket with some beautiful stickers.

 Tuesday night, Jackson, Emma and I put together their rockets so they were ready for launch on Wednesday. Jackson made some more modifications at school after the test run changing out his fins for a lighter weight material. Impressively enough, both Jackson and Emma placed second in their classes managing to go onto the finals on Friday. Friday was filled with an impressive wind story preventing serious flight distance that the kids had experienced on Wednesday. Jackson managed to win the entire 4th grade class competition for the rocket launch and Emma came in 5th.

 We are so proud of both of them.