Monday, April 9, 2012


We celebrated Easter this year with the boys and then the rest of the family came over for dinner that night.

Our Easter began early Sunday morning, since I was going to be the Assisting Minister for the first time at the 6:30 am service. Will wanted to come with and watch me (love the support), so we woke up at 5:15 am.  Will helped all the gentlemen get the church set up, and even Pastor Nathan asked for Will to help with flowers.  Will received a number of compliments from the ladies at church on what a well mannered boy he was listening intently to the sermon, and hopefully, me too.

Jeff and Jackson joined us for the 8 am service where I was lectoring.  After the beautiful service, we went to Starbucks to celebrate.  We eventually made it home, and had egg bake and cinnamon rolls waiting. YUM!

Jenn, Greg, Kailey, Nancy and Jerry all joined us for delicious dinner.  We played games (good call Kailey), shot hoops, and had a pretty relaxing evening besides Will's allergies flaring up.

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