Monday, April 9, 2012


Jackson and Emma's recent project at school was to build their own rocket, and launch them off at school. After school last Tuesday, both came home and we headed to Target to get supplies to perfect their rocket. Jackson knew exactly what kind of fin material he wanted, and the shape of the fins he wished to add to his rocket. Also, he wanted to paint his rocket special colors. Emma knew she wanted some fins, and with the help of Jackson, managed to find a design that worked for her. Additionally, she also wanted to decorate her rocket with some beautiful stickers.

 Tuesday night, Jackson, Emma and I put together their rockets so they were ready for launch on Wednesday. Jackson made some more modifications at school after the test run changing out his fins for a lighter weight material. Impressively enough, both Jackson and Emma placed second in their classes managing to go onto the finals on Friday. Friday was filled with an impressive wind story preventing serious flight distance that the kids had experienced on Wednesday. Jackson managed to win the entire 4th grade class competition for the rocket launch and Emma came in 5th.

 We are so proud of both of them.

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