Thursday, June 7, 2012


Dancing on the patio

Last night, Jeff and I celebrated our third anniversary. This year, like last, we celebrated with the kids. This year, unlike last, we asked the kids to help. What a difference a little help can make.

Anniversary menu

Emma took care of making the potatoes.  Jackson made a fruit salad.  Will set the table and helped to create the menu for the evening.  Will even decide to take it a step further acting as the maitrede for the evening serving drinks with the appetizers and drinks at dinner as well.  

The best cake!

Jeff went and got a cake from where we had our wedding cake- Mulberries!  It was fabulous.

What a great night! Jackson entered us with his slack line, Emma put on great music from Frank Sinatra, and Will hosted a lovely evening. We even sat around talking about our favorite family memories. Trips to the lake in summer and winter, our California adventure, and camping outside Telluride were some of the favorite memories shared.

We are so blessed to have such great kids and such a great family. I loved all the calls yesterday from Jenn, Nancy and Jerry , and my mom and dad. We even got to celebrate with our cousins, Bryan and Shelley, late last who share our anniversary.

Here are a few pictures from our wonderful day.

Jackson's new toy...

Professional slack liner

Swim Season is underway

Will joined Emma this year in competing for our neighborhood SouthPark Dolphins.  Will has been filled with trepidations about swimming in the deep end, but excited after each practice has been completed.  He loved his team sweats and new swim bag as well. His improvement thus far is unbelievable!  He competed in his first meet swimming an impressive 25 freestyle, 50 free and 25 breaststroke.

Emma is in her third season as a SouthPark Dolphin and continues to amaze me with her endurance and love of swimming.  She is competing in the 50 free, 50 back, 50 breaststroke and a few relays.  In her first week at practice, Emma was named Swimmer of the Week by her coach.  Impressive again!

Canvas and Cocktails

Me, KK and AT with our finished products
About three months ago, Anne, Kristin and I tried to get into Canvas and Cocktails a place where you can drink beverages and paint at the same time- what a winning combination.  Friday night, we were finally able to get in.

We had a great time as our portraits can attest to.

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My finished product

Fargo Marathon

Jeff in Fargo- prerace
May 19th Jeff ran the Fargo Marathon in my hometown of Fargo, ND. Jeff was shooting for a sub 3:00 marathon time. Why Fargo? Ironically the race course was redesigned this past year and managed to go right in front of my mom and dad's home in Fargo. What a perfect opportunity to run the Fargo Marathon.
We flew in on Thursday night, and relaxed most of Friday touring the course with Mom. Jeff would run from the Fargo Dome to about 36th Avenue North and then head south until he reached about 42nd Avenue South. Then he would turn north again and venture all the way back to the Fargo Dome. With blustery weather and a curvy course, Jeff finished his marathon in 3:03:54. He didn't hit his goal time, but he did amazingly well still cutting off 5 minutes of his previous best time.

Neighbor lady, Mom and Dad cheering on Jeff

Jeff running past the Johnson cul-de-sac

Jeff at mile 16 turn around

Jeff at mile 20- strong head wind

Jeff racing into the Fargo Dome finish

Jeff finished!

Mom, Jeff and Dad- the cheerleaders and the hero
 We had a great break in Fargo. As my mother has said on numerous occasions, "It is so nice to put your feet under your mother's table." Jeff and I truly felt like we were on vacation at home in Fargo. We relaxed, rested, had great meals and fabulous company. Jeff was cheered on by Mom and Dad, Adam and Natalie and a host of other Fargo residents.