Thursday, June 7, 2012


Dancing on the patio

Last night, Jeff and I celebrated our third anniversary. This year, like last, we celebrated with the kids. This year, unlike last, we asked the kids to help. What a difference a little help can make.

Anniversary menu

Emma took care of making the potatoes.  Jackson made a fruit salad.  Will set the table and helped to create the menu for the evening.  Will even decide to take it a step further acting as the maitrede for the evening serving drinks with the appetizers and drinks at dinner as well.  

The best cake!

Jeff went and got a cake from where we had our wedding cake- Mulberries!  It was fabulous.

What a great night! Jackson entered us with his slack line, Emma put on great music from Frank Sinatra, and Will hosted a lovely evening. We even sat around talking about our favorite family memories. Trips to the lake in summer and winter, our California adventure, and camping outside Telluride were some of the favorite memories shared.

We are so blessed to have such great kids and such a great family. I loved all the calls yesterday from Jenn, Nancy and Jerry , and my mom and dad. We even got to celebrate with our cousins, Bryan and Shelley, late last who share our anniversary.

Here are a few pictures from our wonderful day.

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