Monday, July 9, 2012

Fourth of July/ Grandma's Birthday

We traveled home earlier this year than others. My grandma Pat turned 90 years old  and so we had a big party celebrating her!  All of my cousins, aunts, uncles and family were there. We had such a great time.

Adam, Dad, Emma, Jeff, Grandma, Will, Jackson, Jose, Max,  Nico and Natalie

We headed out to the lake afterwards for some rest and relaxation.  Our trip was long 15 hours from Denver, but well worth it for the AWESOME weather.  It has never been this warm at the lake this early. The water was like bathwater yet refreshing at the same time.
15 hour car ride fun

Jackson ate a freshwater oyster he caught, learned to drive the 9 horse boat, learned to slalom ski, and was the top of a pyramid with his dad and papa.
Fresh water oyster ala Jackson

Jackson slaloming

Emma worked on her skiing skills and played endlessly with her cousins Ireland, Lila, and Eden.
Emma skiing

Will worked on his skiing skills dropping his bindings and developing into quite a good skier with strong cuts over the wake.  He also skied behind the big boat with Jackson and I slaloming beside him.

Me, Will and Jackson

Jeff learned to slalom and was the base of his first pyramid with Jackson and dad.

Jeff slaloming

Jeff, Jackson and Dad pyramid

Jeff, Jackson and Dad pyramid
My brother Adam and his girlfriend Natalie joined us for the fourth as well as my mom's family: Lisa and Bob; Margy, Jose, Max and Nico; Chuck, Bethann, Natalie and Andrea; and Nancy, Ben and Will.  Grandma was there to celebrate as well. We had a fabulous day of skiing, water fights, water balloons, eating, eating, and more eating.

Emma, Will and Jackson celebrating in true Johnson style

Johnson boat in the Fourth boat parade

Will, Max, Jackson and Nico

Water fight 1

Water fight victors

Jackson back for some more!

Celebrating Natalie's, Nico's, Emma's and my birthdays

Emma, Mom, Ireland, and Will

James' visit

Despite not taking any pictures to prove what I am going to write about,  except for those with my phone, we had the most wonderful week with James and Dani Holman. I swear they are the easiest guests to have.

Kristin, AT and I put together a schedule for the week and I think we all had a great time.  Fun meals, early morning runs, swimming at the pool, painting, reading, making desserts and breakfast burritos, trips to the zoo, and late nights talking all made up the Holman visit.

Next time, we are hoping Lisa can come so we can spend some quality time with Baby Paige when she arrives.

Jon, Emma, Jason and James playing bocce

Sam's first trip into the water

James and Dani sampling the cookie dough

Dani and Emma taking a break from swimming

Father's Day

Greg, Jenn, Jerry, Jackson, Kailey, Jason, Jeff, Dani, James and Nancy
We celebrated a wonderful Father's Day surrounded by some of the world's best dads!  Jeff, Jerry, Greg, Jason and James!  James was staying with us, and so he was able to join in celebrating his special day.  We had a fabulous day of relaxation despite the 100 degree day.  We played basketball, went for an early morning run, and then was joined in the afternoon for a delicious dinner.

We are certainly grateful for the fabulous dads in our lives!