Monday, August 6, 2012

Jackson goes to camp

Jackson is amazing!  This past fall Jackson took an 8th grade ACT test (yes, he's still in the 4th grade) that, if he passed, would allow him to take a special class this summer at the School of Mines.  He passed and this past week spent an entire week without parents.

Jackson completed a course in Lego Robotics programming robots to do various activities.  He had a great time.  He stayed in the college dorms, ate college food, had a roommate Peter, and had to get himself dressed, showered and ready for learning each day.  We are so proud of him!

Uncle Bruce's 70th party

On our way home from Montana, we stopped in Estes Park to celebrate my Uncle Bruce's 70th birthday. It was a great time to hangout with my cousins, laugh and hear funny stories of my dad and his brother growing up.  
Cousin Kristi's family

Kristi, Uncle Bruce and Sarah

Feeding the ducks

Wishing Bruce a Happy Birthday

Will playing Frisbee golf at YMCA Camp of  Rockies

Jackson playing Frisbee golf at YMCA Camp of  Rockies

Anne playing Frisbee golf at YMCA Camp of  Rockies

Jeff playing Frisbee golf at YMCA Camp of  Rockies

The boys decided to make a homemade zip line to keep everyone entertained.  Luckily Uncle Bruce held the end!




Vacation to Montana

At the end of July, we ventured up to Bozeman to visit Jerry and Nancy.  We spent one day driving, another day touring Montana State (where Jerry and Judi met :) ), another day traveling through Yellowstone, and then we headed back to Estes Park.

Outside the home Jerry and Nancy rented, there was a fun creek for the boys to play in. They jumped in the cold water and floated down.

On our tour of the MSU campus, we found a warning sign keeping away the rivals of MSU.

Jerry, Jackson and Nancy

Jerry, Jackson, Will and Nancy

Jackson wanted to climb up to the M for MSU on top of a rather steep hill. So, Jeff, Jackson, Will and I ventured up to the top.  

Jeff and Will at the top

Will and Anne at the top

We went into Yellowstone on our last day in Montana.  Here we are outside one of the smaller geysers

Will and Jackson waiting for Old Faithful
On our way home, we decided to stop at Powell, WY where Jerry grew up and Jeff has many fond and funny memories.

Emma's birthday

Since Emma received a brand new bike for Christmas, it doubled as her birthday gift from Jeff and I as well.  So, for her birthday, Rachelle, Emma's step-mom, and I took her to Canvas and Cocktails to celebrate Emma style. Check out our works of art: