Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jackson's Baptism

Jackson chose to be baptized this past weekend on Sunday, November 18th. Jackson chose for Matt Johnson, my brother, and Anne Thurmond, our close family friend, to be his god parents. He was surrounded by friends and family from all over. He is truly blessed and we are so proud of him for making such a positive choice for his life.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Emma as Tinkerbell

Emma was one of the lead role's in her Drama Club's production of Peter Pan. Check out her great pictures:
Thanks to the fan club who showed up to support her. She felt so loved.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall pictures

Will and Emma enjoying fall leaves

Jackson joins the fun

Emma's soccer

Emma's soccer

Adam comes to watch Emma play

Will end of season photo-way to go SpaceCats

Carving pumpkins

Making carmel apples

Emma making her apple: Jeff and Jackson watching :)


We had a wonderful Halloween.  The weather was delightful and the kids looked great in their costumes. Plus, we were able to spend the night trick or treating with the Thurmonds.  Jackson put together most of his own costume after a trip or two to various costume shops.  Emma's Nana Nancy made her poodle skirt for her 50's costume.  Will and I worked on his Beaker costume.  There will have to be another post for all those pictures.  What a procedure!
Will: Beaker, Emma: 50's girl, Jackson: morph suit guy

Will: Beaker was a huge hit at school

Jackson: morph guy on the move

Emma: super cute 50's girl

Graveyard front yard

The squirrel caught in the act eating Will's tasty pumpkin
Adam, Emma, Evan, Will and Jackson