Friday, November 2, 2012


We had a wonderful Halloween.  The weather was delightful and the kids looked great in their costumes. Plus, we were able to spend the night trick or treating with the Thurmonds.  Jackson put together most of his own costume after a trip or two to various costume shops.  Emma's Nana Nancy made her poodle skirt for her 50's costume.  Will and I worked on his Beaker costume.  There will have to be another post for all those pictures.  What a procedure!
Will: Beaker, Emma: 50's girl, Jackson: morph suit guy

Will: Beaker was a huge hit at school

Jackson: morph guy on the move

Emma: super cute 50's girl

Graveyard front yard

The squirrel caught in the act eating Will's tasty pumpkin
Adam, Emma, Evan, Will and Jackson

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