Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Photos 1

Here's the beginning of our photos from our trip home to Fargo and the lake for Christmas; of course, I didn't bring all the cords for all the cameras, so you will have to wait to see the other photos when we return!
Will, Emma, and Jackson- so cute!

Will, me, Emma, Jackson and Jeff getting ready for Christmas Eve services

Matt's family 

Taking pictures of Anne taking pictures

Jackson's Book of Immaturity from Santa

Will's science kit from Santa

Emma's socks from Santa

Emma and Ireland post a 2 hour tobogganing ride- many thanks to Papa Ross

Heading to Fargo at the airport- so excited!

"Eat faster so I can go sledding."

"What, I have to brush my teeth before I can go sledding?"

Sledding everyday at least 2-3 times

Goofing before sledding

Natalie, Adam's girlfriend, was featured in a Fargo magazine (she's in the pink)

Jeff and Eden catching up on some quality reading time

Emma and Eden having a good time at Zorbaz pizza

Jeff returns from a 6 mile run

Anne, Jeff and Libby getting ready for the Christmas Day 10 miler at -1degree

Jackson and Ireland ice fishing

Papa Ross and Eden doing some ice fishing

Jackson and Will getting ready to ride the ferris wheel inside Scheels

Emma getting ready to ride the ferris wheel inside the store

Ferris wheel ride at Scheels in Fargo is always mandatory

Emma bought everyone Coldstone with her Christmas giftcards

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