Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Krause Christmas

Since we are all leaving for the holidays to parts both cold (Montana and Minnesota) and warm (Arizona), we decided to spend Saturday celebrating Christmas together. Greg ordered up Dickey's BBQ for all, yummy, and then everyone brought drinks, or desserts.

Will received from Jeff and I a Nuggets' jersey from his favorite player, Danilo Gallinari- I think he liked it.  In fact, we had to finally throw it in the wash because he wouldn't take it off.
Will's priceless reaction

Will sporting the jersey
Will expressing his love of his gift
What cash?! 

Cash towards his iPad mini

Posing with the Saints cap- Greg isn't impressed
Emma received another coveted item-TOMS

Jackson gives thanks for his gift-more cash towards his mini

A little toy for Jerry- just what he needs an indoor helicopter

Kailey loving the iTunes money

Love the expression

Jenn, Emma and Greg-

Jeff or Pete Townsend?
The Epp family decided to give our kids old fashioned candy for Christmas- Kailey got the biggest kick out of giving our kids Zotz.  If you aren't familiar with Zotz, you suck on them for awhile and then when you bite down on them, there is a chemcical reaction which makes it foam in your mouth. You can see the reaction of our kids to this wonderful surprise-thanks to Kailey for capturing it on the camera!

The foam!

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