Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Christmas photos...

...courtesy of mom and dad's photo cord-LOVE THEM!
sledding break for a photo opp

Building a jump

Jackson out exploring the lake

Hot dogs and brats around the campfire

Christmas with Adam and Natalie before the left

Adam and Matt- two of the brothers

Natalie and Jackson

Matt is so excited about Lila's gift

Natalie loves her tool kit we got her

Adam and Natalie gave the kids cold hard cash

Many thanks to the aunt and uncle

Natalie gets a camera case

Eden as a liger

Lila bean

Emma, Natalie, Adam and Will

Ice hockey on the lake

Jackson and Jeff

Papa Ross and Emma on the snowmobiles

Matt or the terminator

Papa pulling the kids on a toboggan ride

Will's going snowmobiling

Will and Jeff

Lunch with Grandma Pat- Jackson, Will, me, Emma, Jeff and Grandma Pat

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