Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I feel like I usually spend so much time on our blog talking about Emma's  and Jackson's accomplishments that Will often gets the shaft. Well, today is Will's turn. At the start of the basketball season, Will asked Jeff if he could put together a workout or a series of drills for Will to become better at dribbling, shooting, etc...  Keep in mind he is 7.  

So, after a few reminders, Jeff finally composed a drill workout for Will to complete. At least a couple of times a week, Will goes down to the basketball court with either Jeff or I, and completes his series of exercises to improve.  I attached the workout below.

What really impresses me is not just his willingness and desire to be better, but how he does it.  The times I have been at the court with Will, his perseverance is truly impressive. When he isn't doing a drill correctly, he simply stops, refocuses, and restarts. In addition, if he starts misses a series of shots, he doesn't give up, but keeps on shooting until he makes some.  Finally, when he gets down on himself for missing shots, he says out loud  " be positive. I can do this."  Can I ask for a better kid/ athlete/ son than that?  WOW!

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