Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekend away with Jackson

This year, Jackson decided to play recreational basketball rather than competitive so that we could go skiing more often.
Jackson after his first game
So, a few weekends ago, Jackson and I headed up to Copper for a weekend away of skiing and some quality time together. We spent the night in Copper and literally walked across a street to the lift the next day. Friday night, Jackson was in charge of getting us up to the resort, picking out the restaurant, and picking out what we watched on TV later that night.  For dinner, we combed the town to find the right restaurant.
Jackson and I out on our date
After he selected a bar that served burgers and fries, we sat down to watch the basketball games on TV.  After we ordered our dinner, I sat watching a guy across the table from us. I was probably staring for quite some time trying to figure out where I knew the guy. After a couple of lucku guesses on Google, I realized Jackson and I were eating dinner next to Louie Vito US Olympic Gold snowboard member.
Jackson and Louis Vito at the restaurant
Jackson, of course, was super excited, as was I. He proceeded to go over and introduce himself to Louie who gave him a big hug, an autograph, and told him to come find him tomorrow on the pipe.  Wow- what a night!
Jackson and I getting ready for a day of cold skiing

We skied most of the next day leaving early since our toes and hands were frozen.

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