Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jeff's Dallas Marathon

This past weekend, we ventured down to Dallas for Jeff to take another attempt at breaking 3:00 for his marathon time.  Jeff was greeted on Friday morning with a surprise that our BFF, Kristin, was going to come with. 

We stayed with our good friends the Holmans who moved down to Texas a couple of years ago.  James picked us up at the airport, and then we went to their beautiful home in Frisco.  We finally were able to meet their newest addition, Paige. What a gorgeous child. So happy and smiley.
Unbeknownst to the Holmans, baby rabbits were nesting near their flower pots.
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James and Lisa took great care of us all. We had excellent meals, lots of relaxation and amazing weather.  
Jeff getting ready the night before
Jeff and the ladies pre race
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Kristin, and Lisa's trusty GPS, managed to get us to the Cotton Bowl for Jeff to start the marathon. About mile 5, we heard from some spectators, that the pace car took the runners on the wrong route and the route was going to be too long.
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Watching at mile 20
Jeff approaching the finish
The cheerleaders: Dani, James, me and Maggie, Jeff, Lisa, Paige and KK
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Although Jeff didn't break three hours, as a result of a bad course-actually measured at 27.5 miles versus 26.2, severe wind around the lake, and frustration, he did finish 4th out of over 800 marathoners.  Impressive to say the least.

We left on Monday, sadly, having to return to work.  We left Dallas with the temperature approaching 90 for a high to Denver where it snowed and rained yesterday.  We had such a great time with KK and the Holmans.  We can't wait to see them again. I know Jeff is already scouting out where to run next spring to break 3 hours.

Monkeying around in the backyard

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Platte River PR

Me and Jason
Getting emotional

About a couple of months ago, Jason Leclaire laid down the challenge that he was going to beat me at the Platte River Half. He has been gunning to beat my PR of 1:35 for sometime, and was shooting to at least beat me at this race.  I was pretty nervous because of all the hospital time I had to put in, my training schedule had been extremely limited and infrequent. 

Come race day, AT and her husband Jon laid down the challenge for me not to be beat.  I told them how nervous I was, and if it came close, I wasn't going to let it happen. However, I also reminded them of how bad my training has been.  

I started the race at a pretty good pace, but felt in control and ready. It was a BEAUTIFUL race day- sunny skies, medium temperature and a clear path with little wind.  About mile 3-4, I hadn't seen Jason.  About mile 6-7, I realized I could PR at the race, and by a good distance as well.  

I finished the race with a new PR of 1:32:29.  I never thought I would break 1:35!  And, I beat Jason :)  I can't thank Jason, AT, and Jon (Adam and Evan too) enough for the motivation. Running with friends makes running even more amazing.
AT and me
AT and me

First Communion

On March 28th, surrounded by a godparent(thanks AT), friends (thanks KK and Jon) and family (thanks Jerry, Jenn and Kailey), Jackson and Emma celebrated their first communion at St. Philip. The ceremony began with a serving and eating of the seder dinner. It was a profound event and truly something I have never experienced before. So amazing. Then at the service, the kids had their feet washed and took their first communion.  Jackson took his with Jerry and I. I had to hold back the tears!  I am so proud!
Emma getting a pedicure to have fancy feet
Jackson and his godmother, AT
Me, Jeff, AT, Emma, Jon, KK, Jackson, Jenn, Jerry and Kailey
Jackson, Nate, and Emma- been in Sunday School together since they were little
Jeff and Will- check out that suit!
The guests listening

Steamboat ski trip

We had the privilege of having great neighbors who let our family vacation at their home up in Steamboat. So, we loaded up the car and made the trek for a weekend of skiing and hanging out. We had a great time. Every time I visit, I think this is where I want to retire with Jeff. Will learned to snowboard, and Emma and Jackson went skiing with me. 

On Saturday night, we played games and had a pot luck dinner with our neighbors the McCarthy's and the Neuwirth's. What a great family vacation. 

Emma going up to ski

One of the mounts at the restaurant

Lunch with the  kids

View from Steamboat

A plethora of ER visits

Jackson loving morphine
Jackson's orange belly

Will getting out of the hospital for some fresh air
Jackson's incision marks

We spent every three weeks in the ER with Jackson or Will throughout February and March.  Jackson had severe abdominal pain at the beginning of February and after a lengthy ER visit, discovered he had severe compaction of his intestines and colon with poop. He was literally full of poop. I guess it is quite common in boys. They become dehydrated and don't use the facilities as often as they should.

At the end of February, after a week and weekend of Emma, Jeff and I having the stomach flu, Jackson woke me up with severe abdominal pain again. This time, it was off to the doctor, then to the ER, then to surgery for an emergency appendectomy. Luckily, his appendix hadn't burst and we caught it in time. Jackson had to stay in the pediatric wing overnight with Jeff, and was released the next day.  About two weeks later, he was able to ski and mess around-back to normal Jackson. He discovered he really liked morphine!

About three weeks after Jackson's ER visit, I got a call from the kids' school that Will was in the clinic. Apparently at recess, he and another child hit heads going after a ball.  Will got up after the incident and kept playing, but when he returned to class, his head hurt.  I picked him up from school and took him home awaiting the signs of a concussion. We weren't home for more than an hour, when he started throwing up. Off to the doctor, then to the ER, then another overnight in the children's wing with a mild concussion.

DU v. Sioux

 I am so far behind on blogging, that I am going to keep it simple with every post.  The kids and I attended the DU v. UND game back in February. Jeff and our friend Ethan were supposed to attend but both ended up sick.  Luckily, we got to watch a phenomenal game where UND crushed DU.