Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A plethora of ER visits

Jackson loving morphine
Jackson's orange belly

Will getting out of the hospital for some fresh air
Jackson's incision marks

We spent every three weeks in the ER with Jackson or Will throughout February and March.  Jackson had severe abdominal pain at the beginning of February and after a lengthy ER visit, discovered he had severe compaction of his intestines and colon with poop. He was literally full of poop. I guess it is quite common in boys. They become dehydrated and don't use the facilities as often as they should.

At the end of February, after a week and weekend of Emma, Jeff and I having the stomach flu, Jackson woke me up with severe abdominal pain again. This time, it was off to the doctor, then to the ER, then to surgery for an emergency appendectomy. Luckily, his appendix hadn't burst and we caught it in time. Jackson had to stay in the pediatric wing overnight with Jeff, and was released the next day.  About two weeks later, he was able to ski and mess around-back to normal Jackson. He discovered he really liked morphine!

About three weeks after Jackson's ER visit, I got a call from the kids' school that Will was in the clinic. Apparently at recess, he and another child hit heads going after a ball.  Will got up after the incident and kept playing, but when he returned to class, his head hurt.  I picked him up from school and took him home awaiting the signs of a concussion. We weren't home for more than an hour, when he started throwing up. Off to the doctor, then to the ER, then another overnight in the children's wing with a mild concussion.

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