Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Platte River PR

Me and Jason
Getting emotional

About a couple of months ago, Jason Leclaire laid down the challenge that he was going to beat me at the Platte River Half. He has been gunning to beat my PR of 1:35 for sometime, and was shooting to at least beat me at this race.  I was pretty nervous because of all the hospital time I had to put in, my training schedule had been extremely limited and infrequent. 

Come race day, AT and her husband Jon laid down the challenge for me not to be beat.  I told them how nervous I was, and if it came close, I wasn't going to let it happen. However, I also reminded them of how bad my training has been.  

I started the race at a pretty good pace, but felt in control and ready. It was a BEAUTIFUL race day- sunny skies, medium temperature and a clear path with little wind.  About mile 3-4, I hadn't seen Jason.  About mile 6-7, I realized I could PR at the race, and by a good distance as well.  

I finished the race with a new PR of 1:32:29.  I never thought I would break 1:35!  And, I beat Jason :)  I can't thank Jason, AT, and Jon (Adam and Evan too) enough for the motivation. Running with friends makes running even more amazing.
AT and me
AT and me

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