Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Holman's Visit

Our dear friends James, Lisa, Dani and Paige came to visit for about a week. Needless to say we lived the commune lifestyle for a week: swimming, eating, playing games, etc...
Emma and Adam

Sweet Paige

Smores for everyone
Jackson celebrated his birthday early by going paintballing with Jeff and a couple of buddies- You wouldn't believe the welts! We loaded the boys up with junk food i.e. slurpees, beef jerky, can cheese, crackers, pringles, corn nuts, you name it. Then they came back for burgers and brats and smores.

Adam eating a Smore

Adam helping to make granola

Adam helping sunscreen Will

Everyone at the Splash Park relaxing

Jon volunteering to have kids chuck water balloons at him

Having homemade veal piccata at Thurmonds

Relaxing at Thurmonds

Dishing up homemade food!  Thanks Jon and Ernie

Hanging out for movie night

Smelling her new shoes

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