Friday, August 1, 2014

Lake Cabin fun (and work)

We traveled home to the lake while Jeff went to cross country camp in Alamosa.  Dad flew out so he could help me make the long trek home. What a great guy!

While the kids achieved many of their goals (Jackson-bare-footing, Emma-skiing without the binding strap, skiing over the wake; Will- slaloming), Dad managed to put us to work- me especially :). Each day we lifted 70 lb blocks to construct this ginormous retaining wall, and cut (Jeff's job once he returned) and place 30 lb capstones.  I didn't need to go on a run while I was there, because the kids and I were put through the Ross Johnson Boot Camp!

We even managed to sneak in a trip or two to Zorbaz, and an outing to the Perham County Fair. They loved the rides and fair cuisine.

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